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Barn Cleanup

So the main barn is approximately 45 feet x 35 feet. It was a dairy barn with 24 stalls on the ground floor and hay storage on top. From The outside it not only looks in rough shape, but is in rough shape. New… Continue Reading “Barn Cleanup”

On The Road – Grand Maple Farms Open House 2019

We just had; as usual an Awesome time at the annual Open House at Grand Maple Farms (“GMF”). Yes, it is maple syrup season again! Grand Maple Farms is run by Justin Schur and his father Paul Schur in New Braintree Massachusetts. If the… Continue Reading “On The Road – Grand Maple Farms Open House 2019”

Importance of Prepping Your Garden…In The Fall

I have always been a procrastinator; whether it was waiting until the day before a 20-page research paper was due in college, invoicing people weeks after I should have (I am self-employed), or filing my taxes in late March at the earliest, I rarely… Continue Reading “Importance of Prepping Your Garden…In The Fall”

Germinating Rosemary & Lavender

As a hobbyist farmer, it seems that there is always a struggle between work and play, especially when your playtime is in fact a whole lot of work. As a teacher, the busiest times of the school year are also the busiest times on… Continue Reading “Germinating Rosemary & Lavender”


So last year we planted around 150 strawberry plants in a section of the garden that was where our chicken coop was. We knew they were only there for a season to mature and to be replanted in some raised beds that I wanted to… Continue Reading “Strawberry-Ville”

Seed Starting Season

Its seed starting time again. We started out with Peppers, Leeks and Parsley. This year we’ve upgraded our grow lights. We’ve chosen 2 different LED lights. Both were relatively inexpensive (one was $139 and the other was around $78) compared to the T-5 flourescent fixtures purchased… Continue Reading “Seed Starting Season”

Top 5 Go To Tools

I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours