What Our Farm Our Food™ stands for can be summed up in one phrase:

Self-Reliance With Sustainability Through Organic Practices

We believe food does not need to be grown on a massive scale by enormous farms to serve the massive about of people in the world. We feel a better approach is numerous small localized farms to serve the worlds food needs is a better idea. It is our position that as much as possible, we will grow our own food on our farm, from plants that came from our seeds on a localized level. If you grow any plant, you are in fact a farmer, consequently there is no definition for how large a property needs to be in order to be considered a farm. This is why even though we only had .93 of an acre we were farmers. We chose to scale up because we have big plans to build a legacy for our children through localized agriculture.

We enjoy and exercise the freedom, to rely on ourselves to select saved seeds from cherished varieties to continue to supply our family’s needs. We know where our food came from. We cultivate it ourselves, and have the satisfaction and pride of watching is grow. We know what is in our food and what is not. Now that we are in the position to scale up we will be able to share all the same benefits with our community.

Our mission is to connect with others that feel the same way. To exchange knowledge and processes with those who proudly make the choice to sustain themselves on their farms and homesteads while at the same time helping others in their community. In doing so we are not just protecting our health now, but the health of all our future generations.

Thank you.

Randy V. Augustitus -Founding Curator Our Farm Our Food®

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