Ourganic™ was born out of the necessity that there needs to be a grass vegetable root, un-meddled pledge (a handshake if you will) that the seeds that we use, the soil that we cultivate, the water that we use, the growth enhancements and the pest control we choose…EVERYTHING we do is: Simple, Pure, Natural and Honest. The way nature intended it to be. Our choice is Ethical, Responsible, Ecological and Harmonious as we choose to work with nature not against it. The sun, the soil, the water and the plants are all telling us a story. We listen and adjust.

Yes, We are Organic.

We not only meet, but exceed the governments rules, requirements and regulations and everything else deemed necessary to be classified as “Organic” by USDA. It is our position that Unfortunately “Organic” is not what it used to and was intended to be. We know what’s right. You want to know what’s in our water, our soil, our seed, our food? Come over, we’ll show you. We have nothing to hide and everything to show.

Simply put OURGANIC™ is:

Wholesome Stewardship Of Nature Essential To A Healthy Lifestyle™

So whenever you see the Ourganic™ logo, you can be assured the product you are about to enjoy is one of purity. You have my word and my handshake. I will look you in the eye and tell you, this is it.

Please visit: ourganicgoods.com which is our online store for the OURGANIC™ line of products such as Herbs & Spices, Seeds, Honey, Candles and Apparel.

Thank you.

Randy V. Augustitus -Founding Curator Our Farm Our Food®


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