Top 5 Go To Tools

My Top 5 Go To Tools

  1. John Deere 2320 4 Wheel Drive Tractor. It is always ready “Semper paratus” No matter how hot or cold it is outside. Just like toy building blocks, you can add a loader, mower deck, plow, tiller in a matter of minutes. Some might think it’s too big for less than 1 acre property; however for us, the size is perfect.  Absolutely has been the single best tool we own. (coincidently the most expensive also!)
  2. Weed Rake. When you got to get down on your knees for some quality time with the unwanted squatters of the garden. This tools works great at ripping out the weed and moving the soil around delicate plants.
  3. 8 inch Buck Knife. I zip tied ours to the roll bar on the tractor. It is always close by ready to cut string on a bale of hay or cut an irrigation line, etc.
  4. Mason String. Works awesome when laying out rows at planting time. Ours are bright pink and neon yellow green and is easy to spot on the soil. It doesn’t tangle much and can easily be would up to be used again.
  5. Tape measure. At planting times, I always keep it near to measure spacing of plants from each other as well consider how much of my lawn I can slowly take over and turn into tillable land 😉

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