First and foremost, Thank you so much for stopping by Our Farm Our Food™.  I’m not sure how you happened to hear about us or stumbled across our website, but please stay a while and check us out. We are a “seedling” stage home based / farm business. We understand the benefits of growing our own produce and decided to take that idea on a journey. We enjoy selecting new varieties of vegetables to grow and consume. We believe in Self-Reliance With Sustainability Through Organic Practices™. Our house and farm were on about .93 of an acre. The farm portion was approximately 6,400 square feet where we grow around 34 different varieties of vegetables. This past August we finally found our forever farm property with 115 gorgeous acres, we can now take things to the next level. Looking towards the future we are going to establish a Christmas tree lot, fruit and berry orchard, cut flower and vegetable production all while adhering to OURGANIC™ practices.

One of our goals is to continue to grow an Online Community for Gardeners, Hobby and Small Family Farmers as well as Homesteaders. Please join us on our journey and listen to the Our Farm Our Food™ Podcast, watch episodes of the Our Farm Our Food™ Show, grab a copy of Our Farm Our Food™ Magazine.

Please visit: ourganicgoods.com which is our online store for the OURGANIC™ line of products such as Herbs & Spices, Seeds, Honey, Candles and Apparel.

Thank you.

Randy V. Augustitus -Founding Curator Our Farm Our Food®