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Topic #1: So for our 1st issue I thought it would be fitting to hear about everyone’s beginnings in gardening. When you were young, did your family have a farm or garden, perhaps some planter boxes with herbs? Hold old were you when you began to grow vegetables? Tell about your successes, failures and anything weird or funny that happened along the way.

Topic #2: Planning. Tell us how you plan your garden. When do you start? Do you have any tips for layout. Are you a pencil and graph paper person or computer program / app planner?

Topic #3: Seed starting. Tell us about your indoor setup and your tips for starting seeds in late winter / early spring. How about what you direct sow outside?

Topic #4: What does organic mean to you? Do you use any organic practices in growing your vegetables? How far / extreme do you go when it comes to your organic practices? What are you willing to live with and live without? How does the word organic influence you when you are shopping?

Topic #5: Community Gardeners. Please tell us about you and your mission.  Who are your members? Where are you located? Describe what is your set up is like. What do you grow? Who started the garden and why?

Topic #6: Homesteaders. Please tell us about how you got started. Are you off the grid? Are you self -sustaining? What are the benefits of living the way you do? Do you have any animals? Why do you choose to live this way? How big is your property?

Topic #7: Recipe. Please submit a recipe for your favorite dish you make that has Artichoke in it. This could be anything from an appetizer to a dessert.

Thank you.

Randy V. Augustitus -Founding Curator Our Farm Our Food®

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